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ClientMajic gives your agents all the information they need regarding client information, passenger preferences, and travel history.
Some of the key features of ClientMajic include:

  Product DetailsAn affordable, easy-to-use marketing tool  

  • Complete client profile information, including multiple addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Customizable client marketing information allows you to build an unlimited number of marketing groups and marketing codes for each group. Select which marketing codes apply to each client and run queries based on these marketing preferences.
  • Create passenger profiles for each client listing all family members or corporate travelers for the client. Customize preferences for each passenger, such as smoking/non-smoking, seating preferences, preferred airlines, preferred car rental companies, preferred hotels, and preferred cruise lines.
  • Create credit card, passport information, and frequent flyer information for each passenger.
  • Complete travel history including an easy to use query function to search for specific trips.
  • CRS Integration to easily transfer passenger information and preferences to a PNR.
  • Quick and efficient passenger searching toolbar function which allows you to find passenger information and perform an action on that information from anywhere within the program.
  • Emailing capabilities allow you to send email messages to individual clients or blast email to a select group of clients. Email messages can include any number of attachments. You can send email messages in plain text format, or for nice brochure-like email messages you can send them in HTML format using any popular HTML editing program.
  • Direct marketing functions via an easy to use Profile Query Wizard allow you to target select a specific group of clients based on their marketing preferences. The results can then be used to print mailing labels, create a mail merge file, send an Xpedite Fax Broadcast, or send a blast email message to all clients in the marketing group.
  • Fax Broadcasting and email MessageReach Broadcasting functions with Xpedite built right into the direct marketing functions.
  • Sales Center module giving the agents control over their invoices issued from the reservation system. Each agent can have immediate access to their own invoices before posting the invoice to TravCom CS. Agents can view invoices, edit invoices, add transactions to invoices, merge invoices together, and print invoices before they gets posted to TravCom CS.
  • A flexible, easy to use Invoice Query Wizard allows you to search for a client's travel history. You can reprint an invoice from the results, or email the invoice directly to the client.
  • A message board and scheduler, complete with a month view calendar, day view, and task pad. Create appointments, reminders, and tasks for yourself, another user, or all users.

Pricing for ClientMajic starts at a low yearly price for up to 10 concurrent users. Additional user licenses can be purchased depending on your requirements. The yearly fee includes software, product upgrades, training in our training facilities1, toll-free domestic phone support, fax, and email support.

Please contact the TravCom sales department for further information on pricing.

1 Travel expenses are not included for training and are the responsibility of the agency. On-site training at the agency location is extra.