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ClientMajic gives your agents all the information they need regarding client information, passenger preferences, and travel history.
Some of the key features of ClientMajic include:

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ClientMajic - The Essential CRM Add-On Tool for TravCom CS

ClientMajic is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that gives your agents access to certain parts of your TravCom CS data. CRM is all about maintaining a wealth of information regarding your clients and vendors and using this information effectively. You already have this data in your TravCom CS database. Wouldn't it be great if your agents could have access to that information? And that's exactly what ClientMajic gives them -- without giving them access to your accounting data. ClientMajic gives your agents the tools they need to manage their relationships with your clients.

Detailed Client and Passenger Profiles

ClientMajic uses the same client database your TravCom CS back-office system uses. The client profiles are identical in both. ClientMajic extends TravCom CS by enabling your agents to see and use that client data.

A client profile showing multiple passengers associated with a corporate client.

Here we see the Passengers tab of a corporate client profile. The Passengers tab, one of ten tabs of information for each client, shows passengers associated with the client profile. For corporate customers, passengers might be any employees who travels with that company. For leisure clients, passengers might be all the members of one family.

You can store a wealth of data for each passenger. On the Passenger Information tab, you can record a different primary address for each passenger, multiple contact methods (including clickable email and web links), a birthdate and anniversary.

The Passenger Detail window showing the primary address for the individual passenger, five contact methods (phone, email, fax, web), a birthdate, an anniversary and a language preference.

On the Other Addresses tab, you can record up to three additional addresses for each passenger.

The Passenger Other Addresses tab showing three additional addresses you may store for each passenger.


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