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The latest release in the Travcom family of back office accounting and client management tools for travel agencies.

The premier back office account and management system for travel agencies



The Ease and Support You Want

TravCom knows that even if a system has the functions you need, it will do no good if those functions are too hard to use. For that reason, one of our top goals is to make TravCom CS easy for you to use.

  • TravCom CS enhances the ease of previous versions by introducing new, smarter forms, or Wizards, that step you through posting data and other functions, and keeps a rigorous audit trail behind the scenes. Modifying sales, correcting mistakes, refunding or voiding tickets – these and other real life situations are now a breeze, and the added simplicity comes at no cost to the detail in your audit trail.

  • TravCom CS comes with the context-sensitive online help built into the system, making it easy to get the information you need, when you need it.

  • Training is included in the price of all TravCom systems. Your agency can send as many staff members to training as you like. TravCom CS training classes are held in our Los Angeles office; travel expenses are not included.

  • When your agency has questions, you can contact TravCom technical support. Technical support is toll-free and unlimited for all TravCom subscribers, and is available Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 5:30pm Pacific time. You can also email us at support@travcom.com if you prefer. We make a strong effort to answer support calls as they come in, and we strive to make callbacks within thirty minutes when callbacks are necessary.
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