Vacation.com and TravCom have entered into a preferred supplier relationship to deliver
enhanced product integration at preferred rates to U.S. travel agency members.

Vacation.com members in the U.S. can now benefit from preferred pricing on TravCom products, ClientMajic for CRM and TravCom CS for back-office accounting.

The result: You get the complete front to back-office solution you need - so you can streamline your workflows and increase profits thanks to TravCom's unique automation toolset!

Benefits include:

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Vacation.com is a subsidiary of Amadeus IT Group, SA, and maintains its headquarters in Alexandria, VA. For further information, contact Vacation.com at 1650 King Street, Suite 450, Alexandria, VA 22314; tel: 800-843-0733.

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* Preferred pricing is available to Vactaion.com members in the U.S. who are currently not TravCom clients. Preferred pricing will be available to current TravCom clients upon their contract renewal.