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TravCom CS Bulletin - Error exporting reports to PDF

Problem: When exporting a report in PDF format from TravCom or ClientMajic a run-time error "Failed to export the report." occurs. The report does not get exported and you might get kicked out of TravCom/ClientMajic completely.
Description: Recently Microsoft released a new update to some of the Windows fonts. This update was installed on Windows 7 computers via the Windows Updates function. We have identified that there is an issue with the Arial and Times New Roman fonts that cause this problem. Any report that uses Arial or Times New Roman will produce this error and fail to export the report.
Solution: There are two solutions to resolve this error. Both are equally effective. You should only need to perform one of the options below:

1. Roll back Windows Update KB3102429. From the Windows Update funtion select the option "Installed Updates" which should be at the bottom left of the window. Search the list for the "Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3102429)". Select the update and then click Uninstall.

2. Download a package that contains the previous version of the fonts from www.travcom.com/download/winfonts.zip. Extract the contents of the zip file into your C:\Windows\Fonts folder, overwriting the existing fonts. Depending on your unzip utility, you might need to extract the files to a temporary folder and then use Windows Explorer to drag/drop or copy the files into the C:\Windows\Fonts folder on your computer

Note: Regardless of which solution you perform above to resove the issue, you will need to perform this on every computer that has TravCom and/or ClientMajic installed.

For more information or assistance please contact the TravCom support desk at support@travcom.com.